Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA**** - boutique hotel in the manor.
Kombornia Manor, in the seat of the gentry, whose history dates back to the sixteenth century, is one of the best preserved in the Carpathian residential units. Covering an area of 10 hectares, is now a four-star, luxury hotel spa, with extensive infrastructure Wellness and Conference Center and Banquet.

Along with preserving the historical monument and creating the unforgettable atmosphere of this space, we also offer you what a modern human being needs: effective relaxation, revival of vitality and harmony that will help you with restoring your mental and physical balance. As before, so now, this is the place for an exclusive retreat; stylish and cozy at the same time.

Tastes, sences and sensations, that are so hard to find in the daily bustle, await for our Guets. It will be found in the aromas of our orchards and gardens, in the aesthetics of the historic interiors and excellent cuisine.  And above all,  in the rituals of various of our therapies based on centuries-old traditions of the Far East that Kombornia Manor SPA specializes in. The Babor Cosmetics Institute that functions within our SPA gives you an opportunity to take advantage of innovative technology that increases the care of beauty.

Luxorious Hotel SPA, which is only a step from Bieszczady.
Location of Kombornia Manor, which lays on the edge of Czarnorzecko – Strzyżowski Landscape Park in Beskid, makes it a great starting point for expeditions, where you can be introduced to the cultural heritage and natural attractions of Carpathian.

We would love to have you as our guests.


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