In today's modern economy, technological development on the one hand makes it easier to do business but on the other hand causes a bigger complication of the processes and increasingly requires specialized, expert knowledge to make the right decisions. The help in solving the encountered problems are independent advisors who without prejudice and objectively will analyze the current situation of the company and advise the appropriate (from the point of view of its needs and interests) solutions.

RSF Consulting provides independent advisors who will help in the development of your business. We invite you to use our services in the following areas:

1. Strategic Consulting

  • support in fulfilling strategic projects
  • recommendations for the strategic decisions
  • analysis of enterprise resources
  • specify mission and strategy of the company
  • assistance in determining short and long term goals

2. IT Consulting

  • analysis of the company IT needs
  • technical supervision of the IT project
  • evaluation of investment projects in the IT area

3. Temporary Management

  • Indirect Temporary Management – support of dedicated consultant


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