Guard Center - innovative, real time workforce management system

Guard Center is a cloud-based professional business software system created specifically for the security industry. Developed with extensive input from experts in the field of security services, Guard Center is designed to help automate and modernize all operations of the contemporary guarding company. With Guard Center, it is now easy to schedule, organize and monitor your entire workforce, as well as create detailed reports for both internal and external use. And Guard Center is a powerful in-the-field tool as well. By helping managers, supervisors, and guards do their jobs better, both in the office and on-site, Guard Center assures maximum satisfaction for your valued customers.

How Guard Center works?

Guard Center is an application based on cloud and NFC technology. It is a safe and quick solution which does not require continuous access to GPS. It does not require practically no capital expenditure - all you need is a smartphone with Android system and cheap NFC tags that do not require power supply.

See the Guard Center PowerPoint presentation (PL)

Why Guard Center?

  • Sales Tool - Differentiate yourself! — impress your clients with your real-time management system! Get new clients easily and retain existing ones. Always compete with the highest confidence! Create new revenue streams from your existing clients.

  • Training tool - Save time and money on the training and orientation of your new employees. Comply with all industry standards, government regulations, and your company policies. Have all your instructions and critical documents at your fingertips.

  • Reporting tool - Focus on always providing great service instead of dealing with excessive paperwork. Save your employees’ time with automated reporting. Go paperless. Have all your data archives available from anywhere at anytime.

  • Communication tool 0 Optimize communications with your employees, prioritize your calls, improve and facilitate dispatch operations.

  • Monitoring tool - Help your guards do their job better and never miss a task. Get guaranteed proof of presence. Document all incidents with photos, notes and more.


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