Chocolate of Polish Flavors

The taste of sweets has always been a synonym of a luxurious pleasure. It's hard to find better and more elegant gift than a chococate. But can chocolate still surprice sweets' connoisseurs?
This offer of unique products that are created based on a Belgian chocolate, composed on natural indgridients and handmade by the Polish Master  of Confectioners is a perfect answer to this question.

Polish Flavour's Line - it's a palet of various propositions that are quintessence of tastes and aromas that polish kitchen, garden and landscape is known for.  There, You will find special, chocolates truffles, filled with honey from carpathians beehieves and covered with powder from polish fruits. There are also chocolates inspired by taste of homemade cakes or  proposition of chocolates with herbs.

Polish Flavors  you can buy at:
Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA****’s Galery
Deli Wine & coffe’s Winery in Rzeszów
On-line store

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