Inspired by bouquets of wines

In the palette of ChocoWine, you can taste the following types of chocolate:

Porto is a fortified wine originating from the region of the same name, in north Portugal. In order to get chocolate-cherry sweetness in wine, fermentation of wine gets interrupted by topped up distillate obtained from the same variety grapes. As a result of this process is sweet and fortified wines. Pourred distillate increases the alcohol content of the wine and gives it velvety. As Porto, our chocolate is reinforced and covered with cherries in spirit. To give it a unique, distinctive smell of oak, it ages in whiskey. Violets in sugar and vanilla reflect a luxury nuances of wine taste and emphasize its sweetness. Chocolate is intense in aromas and has harmonized taste.

These wines are made mainly in two small parts of the world - Tokaji and Sauternes. Best Tokajs, called Aszu , are wine with the addition of essence produced from grapes harvested late infested by noble mold, in which after the evaporation of water, flavor stayed exactly that same. Single grapes are harvested by hand. As Tokaji Aszu, our chocolate melts in mouth, which seems as a sweet made of floral honey, walnuts and apricots - leading fragrances in a bouquet of this wine.

Gewurztraminer is a grape variety with a hint of oriental flavors resulting from scents of lyche, rose, raspberry and red grapefruit with a touch of spice spices. The composition of the first three flavors called "Ispahan" is the result of innovative work of the famous Parisian Confectioner Pierre Herma over combining flavors. Our Gewürztraminer chocolate ages in rose's flakes, which we also find on the plate next to pieces of red grapefruit. All of its flavors and aromas create a kind of dessert with an oriental touch.

Sauvignon Blanc
This variety is produced all over the world, but its forever home remains the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, where it is combined with Semillon. Characteristic strain of citrus-vegetable dominant and accents green meadows its new, interesting face shows in the wines from growns in New Zealand, especially in Marlborough. To a clean 60% chocolate, we added tangerine, bison grass and dried leaves of celery in order to be very close to the typical Sauvignon.

Chardonnay - white Burgundians' queen, is the most popular strain that gives the world white wines, which are produced in many styles. The young ones are more fruity with nuances of citrus, tropical fruits, apples or pears. Fresh butter and vanilla highlines with age. Our Chardonnay composition reflets flavor and aroma of the two-year wine after six months of aging in barrel. Chocolate with vanilla dressed in apples and peaches is the simplicity of the composition and the pleasure of taste.

Riesling has become more and more successful variant, associated with white wines from Central - Western Europe. Declined in the second half of the twentieth century, is now experiencing a renaissance. In youth, wine from this variety appears mostly  aromas of citrus and white fruit with a tunes of wild flowers, and sometimes honey. And this is just our Riesling. Blossom honey is melted in the chocolate, and on a bar we can find apples and jasmine in sugar in addition with lemon.

In Spain is known as Moscatel, in Italy Moscato, in France Muscat. This variety has very intensive bouquet, which consists honey sweetness, refreshing citrus, raisins, linden and spicy, mace nuance. In Austria or Alsace, Muscat varietal wines are light and aromatic dry wines, and in the south of France and Austria appear as sweet and heavy fortified wines. White chocolate is a source of sweetness and additives, selected according to the above-described key give us a pleasant style of wine that can replace dessert.

Merlot is a variety, which in its classic edition comes with Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux coupage. Increasingly, however, is treated as a separated strain that gives an interesting, smooth, fleshy and suede-tannic wine. In the bouquet  we find a plum in highly varied form - fresh, dried, smoked or well-done in the form of marmalades as well as nuances of coffee and cocoa. Not a lot of people know that the famous Petrus, considered to be the highest class of Bordeaux, is made of 100% of Merlot. Our chocolate is a combination of fresh and dried plums with espresso and cocoa beans in chocolate mass.

Zinfandel gives special wine, at the reception is similar to Pinot Noir - people either love or hate it. This is a variation of the family, which we know from southern Italy, under the name Primitivo. Zinfandel wine is a combination of sweet flavors with a bouquet of forest fruits, spices, cocoa and leather aromas. Masters in the art of Zinfandel production are winemakers from California, particularly in the Napa Valley. Our chocolate is decorated with wild strawberries and raspberries and in chocolate mass, we sank crushed  and roasted cocoa beans.

Pinot Noir
This variety is one of the most difficult in cultivation and vinification. It is one of those that gives a fascinating wine, stands in opposition to wines with a strong color and high tannic. Pinot has a thin skin, which gives wine light-ruby color. In aromas, we will find a bouquet of fruit and forest litter. In the taste there is a  combination of extract and soft tannins. Before chocolate Pinot Noir is being converted into a bar, it ages in smoke of wet hay to highlight the presence of blackberry and raspberry, which are located on already finished top of chocolate bar's treat.

Cabernet Sauvignon
The characteristic features of a bouquet of wines from this variety is the black currant, strong forest's flavors and nuances of pepper and  spicy spices. They are also characterized by the saturated colors and high maturity. Wines from Cabernet Sauvignon are often aged in oak barrels, which ennobles them, enriching the flavors of oak and vanilla. chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon is a seasoned and essential chocolate, aged in the smoke from a burning American oak, containing green pepper, clad with dried mushrooms and black currant.

Next to Grenache Noir, Syrah is the king of the Rhone Valley that gives a powerful wines such as Hermitage. These are wines with forest aromas and nuances of  tobacco and spicy admixture with equally powerful tannin and color. In the last 20 years, Syrah gained popularity as Shiraz coming from the Australian crop and giving lighter and more fruity wines.  In  chocolate Syrah we will find strawberries and wild berries, a pinch of chili and perceptible tobacco smoke from where the chocolate matured, and spices: cinnamon, anise and clove.

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