Wine Events

Wine has been around in our civilization since centuries.  As the fabric of intellectual thoughts and social conversations, it has became a part of building social relationships; essential for lunches, during the celebrations, business meetings or with friends.

Based on our resources and expertise, we've prepared the offer of unique wine events that we organize for our clients. These events take place in historical settings of Kombornia Manor, in DeliWine or in any other, choosen place where they want to accomodate their customers, partners, or associates.

In our offer, you can find following proposals:

  • Wine buffets - separated tables with a selection of wines, served by qualified team which selects wine to personal preferences.

  • Trainings and seminars of a winary decicated to secrets of; the  process of creating wines, concious wine tasting, techniques of valuing wine and sommelier art - combining wine and food.

  • Discused wine, olives and chocolate tasting - themed journeys to the world of good, culinary and oenological compounds, eg: wine with cheese, chocolate, salty snacks and meat.

  • 'Blind' degustations with competitons.

  • Dinners and wine tastings.

  • Live cooking events.

  • Wine and dance - events during which participants experience the rhythm and magic of dance and also taste wines unique to the region which the dance originated in.

  • Exclusive products marked by your brand - individual orders, products from our offer can be branded by your label

  • Wine themed trips to befriended wineries and wine regions.

Please, take advantage of our offers. We will adjust each of them to individual needs and requirements.


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