Rose - Pink wines can be flesh-colored, salmon, pale pink, vivid and clear or even bloody. Although they are made from different varieties, are macerated at different times and different temperatures combines them one thing: a bouquet consisting of pleasant aromas such as sweet, cherry, strawberry, wild strawberry and red currant. Our chocolate with its color and crushed candies delights with eyes like pink wine. Red fruits of strawberries and cherries are responsible for a depth of color. Additionally  acidity of fruits the balances the sweetness of the chocolate.

Novelty in ChocoWine Line - the only pink chocolate in Poland.

Taste the sweetness has always been synonymous of luxury pleasure. It is also difficult to find more elegant gift than chocolate. Can chocolate still surprise connoisseurs of sweet flavors? The answer for this question is unique, the only pink chocolate in Poland ! - The idea for an original gift for her !:

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Carpathian Wine Salon is open !!!

We are pleased to announce that the official opening of the Carpathian Wine Salon has taken place. With the establishment of the Carpathian Wine Salon on the culinary and enological map of Poland, there appeared a new, interesting must-see destination.

The Salon is located in an 18th century cellar in the closed enclave of Kombornia Manor estate and houses a representative collection of wines from different wine regions of the Carpathian borderland located in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

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